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Aims ⇒

Securing Success is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that aims to promote the education of children, young people and families in North West London by:
  • Advancing education and integration of vulnerable communities through a range of provision.
  • Working with supplementary schools in order to develop and quality assure them through:
    1. the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) Quality Mark
    2. training
    3. strengthening links with mainstream schools.
  • Supporting the above by securing funding for organisations to advance the above objects.

Community-led education

Supplementary schools are community-led organisations which usually operate at weekends, offering one or more of the following:
  • Core curriculum support
  • Home language studies
  • Cultural activities and religious studies
Supplementary schools can make a significant contribution to the self-esteem and well-being of children from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds.

The work we do ⇒

The work we do
Securing Success was established in 2016. The grant from John Lyon's Charity was our launch donation, and our intention is to leverage it to attract other funding that can be used to create new initiatives.

All of the activities are designed to meet our aim of promoting the education of children, young people and families in North West London. We shall particularly focus on the needs of vulnerable young people such as those eligible for FSM/Pupil premium, new arrivals, those at risk of negative influences such as gang involvement, and others.

The types of activities we intend to create are a mixture of delivering work ourselves as well as supporting and working with statutory and voluntary sector partners. Activities will consist of supporting groups such as supplementary schools, advancing the attainment and integration of pupils experiencing disadvantage through working with schools or developing our own work, and also providing funding for partner organisations.

Services & activities ⇒

Services & activities
Securing Success aims to provide the activites shown below:
  • Mapping and engaging new supplementary schools.
  • Study Support for Harrow Supplementary Schools.
  • Harrow Supplementary Schools' Forum:
    1. organise and host three termly network meetings.
    2. enable local supplementary schools to share new information, reduce duplication, and support each other.
  • Quality Assuring Supplementary Schools.
  • Family Learning Courses.
  • ESOL Courses.
  • Parent Ambassador Courses.
  • Providing funding for similar organisations.

Beneficiaries ⇒

Our beneficiaries will be children, young people and their parents or carers in North West London. They will include:
  • Pupils at schools who are underachieving in their academic education due to issues such as isolation, being a new arrival such as a refugee, have special educational needs, or are looked after. Most are eligible for FSM/pupil premium.
  • Pupils at risk of negative influences such as involvement in gang culture, truancy, involvement with the criminal justice system, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and/or substance misuse, or radicalisation.
  • Parents of the above pupils who are unable to assist their child's schoolwork due to having English as an additional language, having a different educational background, not understanding the UK educational system, or poor parenting.
Created by: Charity Registration No. 1164630 John Lyon's Charity